Nissan developer copies code from Stack Overflow, to the letter

It used to be that programmers knew every aspect of programming languages, but now, these languages have grown in size and complexity, and there are too many features and libraries to keep track of. This is why most programmers are good not because they know a language, but because they know the resources to solve problems.

The rise of the Internet has fostered a new generation of coders, for whom answers are just a search away. And if they face problems, they can always ask questions on forums like Stack Overflow.

In fact this practice has become so common that even proficient developers use these forums to solve their problems. Recently, the NissaConnect EV app received an update, which not only added a few features, but curiously also had the line: “The spirit of Stackoverflow is coders helping coders”, clearly showing that the developer copied code from the forum without even reading it.

This goes to show just how dependent developers have become on these forums. If they don’t know the answer, someone else does and they use their solution without even knowing how it works.

What do you think?


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One thought on “Nissan developer copies code from Stack Overflow, to the letter”

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