Tesla brings in app purchases to cars

In the early days of the App Store, developers were focused on creating quality games rather than earning money. They were just testing the waters. As the App Store grew in popularity, so did the apps, and over the years while creativity was still fostered, the focus turned away from hobbyist projects to apps that make money, 

Some developers tried out a new freemium model, where the app itself was free with optional upgrades, and were successful right out of the bat, and everyone started emulating them. Before long, the App Store was flooded with freemium apps.

And now, Tesla is bringing that concept to cars. No, you don’t unlock a game by paying up, you actually unlock a hardware feature by paying $3000. What hardware feature? The battery. The Tesla Model S ships with a 75kWh battery, whilst you get only 70kWh battery capacity. Once you pay up, the car downloads a software update and you get the full battery-capacity.

This is like when Tesla owners first received an update to their cars to find that they had new features, which was an unheard of thing in the car industry. It seems Tesla is not done with pioneering the electric cars industry and would be satiated when it changes everything.

What do you think?

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