Google’s Echo competitor is called Chirp


The Amazon Echo is a device that no one expected to be successful, not even Amazon. A bluetooh speaker slapped on with a AI, who expected that to be a hit? 

Yet the Echo proved to be surprisingly capable, and its software surprisingly intelligent. Just calling out for Alexa and asking it to do something, hands free was a bit more magical than shouting into your phone. And so the Echo sold quickly, with a four star rating on Amazon.

And now, it looks like more companies want a piece of the pi, because according to Recode, Google is working on Chirp: Its answer to the Echo.

Of course, considering that Google’s entire business is built on collecting data and selling that data to advertisers, one might be a bit more wary about Google listening to what’s going on in your home. Google has a more vested interest in this than Amazon, which has no compelling reason to flip the switch and listen to its customers.

Then there’s the concern that Google may give this data to not just adveritsers, but the NSA. And when you consider that, advertisers look like a non existent threat. At least they are going to be using that data to give you better ads. With the NSA, on the other hand, it obviously gets more complicated.

What do you think?


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