Android VR is pretty much confirmed: Pops up in Google Developer Console

As headsets like the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive take care of the enthusiasts, a more down to earth solution is required for the mass market, to keep them occupied till virtual-reality headsets’ prices come down.

And mobile VR is the real star of virtual-reality, because it is affordable virtual-reality. It does not cost thousands of dollars and doesn’t require anything other than a smartphone.

One might thank Google for kickstarting the mobile  VR industry with its innovative Google Cardboard, and now Google is back to tackle virtual-reality again, but this time, with a bit more polish.

It has been rumored for long that Google is building Android VR, a platform for virtual-reality, and now it is pretty much confirmed, because it has appeared in the Pricing and Distribution section of the Google Developer Console. It doesn’t do anything, but its existence proves  beyond doubt that Android VR exists, and it will most probably be announced at Google I/O 2016.

Google will announce  both Android VR and an affordable VR Headset akin to the Gear VR. However, while it would be much more better than the Cardboard, it is expected to be less expensive than the Gear VR, and more accessible, which is pretty easy since the Gear VR is compatible only with Samsung devices, and that too only the flagships.

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