Lazertouch turns any flat surface into a Android Tablet

Science fiction has long predicted the future of technology correctly, or perhaps we are working to model the technologies that fill these fictional futuristic worlds.

The smartphone, the tablet, they have all been following works of science fiction, and now, the dream of having an interactable surface anywhere looks to be realized by a new Indiegogo product, Lazertouch. By projecting lasers across flat surfaces, and tracking the disruptions, Lazertouch claims to have created a projector that can turn any flat surface into an Android Tablet. The projector itself runs Android and has a 13500mAh battery.

The project claims that many years of research have went into this project, and that they already have secured patents for their product in many regions.

However, since this is a crowdfunding project, one must be wary of untruthful claims, project failures and the problem of the customers having to deal with issues rising from companies not having any experience stepping into hardware manufacturing, which is rife with issues if you don’t know how to navigate it.

We have been burned far too many times by crowdfunding projects with big claims and little to show for them.

What do you think?



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