Report: Samsung is making a controller for the Gear VR


The mobile Virtual-Reality experience isn’t exactly elegant for the most part, with the Google Cardboard being just a cardboard box with a few lenses. With that sort of technology, you wouldn’t expect mobile VR to be useful, or even popular, but the promise of virtual-reality has been such that it has been able to transcend the barriers of technology and has managed to be fun even on the Cardboard, and has proven to be popular among consumers.

When you look for a more premium mobile VR experience, you don’t have to look far, with the Gear VR serving as the goto option if you want a more polished experience. But while it is certainly more polished, its controls are still clunky.

The dream of kicking back and enjoying a game on the go still has some roadblocks to clear, and the most important one among them being the controls. You see, the Gear VR is navigated using a touchpad on the side of the headset, which while  being all right for general navigation, is not a good control option when you just want to consume content.

And according to leaked renders, Samsung is working on a controller to remedy that. Not that there is any shortage of controllers for smartphones, but having a controller  built from the grounds-up for the Gear VR might be useful.

Information regarding pricing and availability is currently unavailable.

In the future, Samsung might even bundle in the controller with the GearVR.

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