Report: Xiaomi is making a 4.3 inch smartphone

When a technology lasts long enough, you eventually start to see certain trends repeating, making a comeback. New trends disrupt old ones, and the old ones fade from the limelight, till the new trends become old and the old ones emerge anew.

This is the technology lifecycle, and we may be seeing an inkling of this phenomenon happening right now. What are we talking about? Phones screen sizes, of course. There was a race to zero for the smallest phone among manufacturers, and then there was a race for the biggest thing that you could still call a phone. And now that phablets rule the roost, perhaps it is time for a bit of a toss up.

When the phablets fully proliferated the market, only Sony made a powerful small phone. Then Apple make a small contribution with the iPhone 6, which while being bigger was still smaller than most phones on the market. Then Apple went back to basics with the SE, which has a small 4 inch screen.

And now, according to reports, Xiaomi too is working on a 4.3 inch smartphone. It would have a Snapdragon 820 SoC, 3GB RAM, a 720p display, a 13MP Camera, a fingerpint sensor and 32GB of storage. It is expected to cost around $275.

Of course, that doesn’t mean phablets are going away anytime soon. The fact is that they will always serve a certain section of the market, and small phones too will serve certain consumers. Many prefer consuming content, for which a large phone is ideal, and some prefer portability and pocketability, for which small phones are ideal.

It is this section of the market that got left behind in the transition to phablets, and a return to small phones could serve well to consumers in this market segment.

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