Google Home is a speaker with the innards of a Chromecast

When Google I/O 2016 ended, we walked away thinking that it was a bit underwhelming. We even wrote an article on why we think Google has run out of ideas, and is simply rejigging existing ideas and passing them off as new ones.

It seems that strategy was shared by more products announced at Google I/O 2016 than we thought. Google Home, its answer to Amazon’s Alexa  is not a completely new hardware platform. According to The Information, it has the innards of a Chromecast.

Not only does it share innards with it, The Information also states that Google Home is based on the Chromecast platform itself.  When Google Home launched, most of us assumed that it was either running a proprietary operating system, or Android, which seemed like the more likely option.

We certainly didn’t consider the Chromecast, which is primarily a consumption-driven platform, and didn’t exactly seem to align with Google Home’s goals of bringing a voice-driven assistant to your home.

However, when you peel away the layers and look under the surface, it makes a lot more sense. The Chromecast hardware is nice and cheap, and that is all you need for the Google Home, which will leaving all of the grunt work to the cloud.

Google had no reason to use a powerful chipset or Android, which has become a bit heavy over the years. Why do that when it has a perfectly functional and light platform?

What do you think?


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