Report: Apple might choose Intel for its next iPhone

imageThe smartphone chipset industry is pretty much dominated by Qualcomm, which forms the brains of almost all flagships, some midrange and some low end phones. Behind it is Mediatek, and that’s where the line is drawn for major chipset makers. You may consider Huawei with its Kirin SoCs a chipset maker, but no one uses them (except Huawei, of course), so we can’t consider them.

One name that has noticeably been left out of the game is that of Intel, which has failed to dominate the mobile market like it did with the PC market. It is the defacto processor maker for computers, while it is not even considered in the mobile industry. Only some phones like ASUS’ Zenfone use Intel’s chipsets. In fact, recognizing lackluster performance, it scrapped one of its mobile chipset projects.

However now things seem to be looking up for Intel, because according to reports, Apple will opt for Intel’s modems for AT&T variants of its iPhone in the US. Qualcomm will supply the models for the other variants, but it is still a huge win for Intel.

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