A day before Microsoft’s E3, the Xbox One Slim leaks in pictures

The PS3 and the Xbox 360 held on for over a decade, holding the mantle and cementing their place in history with one of the longest console lifespans.

Their successors, the PS4 and the Xbox One, whilst being popular with consumers, haven’t aged as well. Though developers are pumping out games at a furious pace for both consoles, and will continue to do for the foreseeable future, the underlying hardware wasn’t exactly state of the art when these consoles launched. The PS3 and the Xbox 360, on the other hand, were vastly more powerful than the PCs of that time, which is one of the reasons why they lasted so long.

It has been over two years since the consoles launched, and developers are just not seeing the potential in these consoles to pump out quality graphics at decent frame-rates a few years down the line, which is why both Sony and Microsoft are working on new consoles.

Sony has already confirmed the existence of a more powerful PS4, but has said that it won’t be revealing anything this E3. Microsoft, on the other hand, has remained silent, though some of its executives have already revealed details about plans to distance the Xbox brand from the hardware, and instead of pushing out hardware upgrades every decade or so, Microsoft will make the hardware upgradeable, pretty much like a normal PC.

Now we have scant details about the next Xbox, codenamed Scorpio, other than the fact that it will be more powerful. But we do know that the Xbox One won’t be phased out, and would remain as a lower-cost alternative, kind of like how the Xbox 360 is an alternative to the Xbox One. We don’t know whether or not Microsoft will reveal Scorpio at E3 tomorrow, but details of a slimmer Xbox One have already leaked.

The image, which looks like official promotional material, shows the slimmer Xbox One, and advertises it as being 40% thinner. It also reveals that the slimmer Xbox One will be packing a 2TB Harddrive and will have support for 4K video out of the box.

It is a much needed design upgrade to the Xbox One, whose VCR-like design looked dated right from the start, especially compared to the more modern design of the PS4.

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