Apple has opened the floodgates to Siri for App Developers

Apple wwdc 20160613 1933.0

Voice assistants have always been one of the cornerstones of science fiction, and we have always visualized a voice assistant as one that responds to all of our commands, no matter how esoteric they are.

But the reality has not yet caught up to our visions, but we seem to be getting closer. From simple voice-dialers to simple voice-assistants to deep-learning assisted assistants, we have come a long way. Now, not only are they getting better at understanding us, they literally go through our Emails and figure out what we want to do when we want to do them. We no longer have to phrase a command in an exact way for them to understand. You can say the same command multiple ways and the voice assistant will humbly comply.

But we still haven’t gotten to the vast expanse of commands where anything goes. Where you can start Whatsapp, send a message and switch to Chrome and do something else all with your voice. The realm of infinite possibilities. Voice assistants till now have mostly been closed ecosystems, accepting a small range of commands.

Apple is looking to change that, and is opening the floodgates to Siri for App Developers, who may utilize this new API to integrate Siri commands into their applications. WeChat is one of the early adopters of this API, and already has Siri commands for it.

We sure are excited to see what app developers do with this. What do you think?


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