You may be browsing the web in VR soon, for Virtual-Reality is coming to Chrome

One of the most exciting things about new platforms is to see existing content get adapted to this new platform. You see, that makes it possible to utilize the new platform’s strengths to better realize the original idea, and that is truly exciting.

The App Store revolutionized many industries, and pioneered freemium games. Now it seems Virtual-Reality is the next revolutionary platform, and Google is hitting the ground running.

Starting from the humble Google Cardboard, Google is working fast to integrate Virtual-Reality into its products. From Youtube 360-degree videos compatibility to its in-house projects of Android for Virtual Reality to Daydream, a mobile VR platform, Google sure has its hands full when it comes to VR.

And now, the latest betas of Chrome apparently support WebVR, the closest we have to a Virtual-Reality standard for the web.  The betas have hidden features unlocking a VR mode for Chrome, allowing Cardboard and other mobile VR headset users to browse the web in Virtual-Reality.

Not only will WebVR compatible sites exhibit special features in the VR mode, but Chrome will also support browsing sites not supporting WebVRR in Virtual-Reality.

We may see this feature getting more promintent in future builds, and then we may see it come to the stable builds soon.

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