Report: Nintendo may be making a controller for smartphones

Nintendo is probably the oldest gaming console company that still has hardware on the market, and that’d pretty incredible. Think about it, Nintendo weathered the market’s ups, downs and crashes, and withstood strong competition from Atari, Sega and the like, all of whom are either defunct or have pivoted into software. 

The dominant brands of consoles nowadays, Xbox and Playstation are all relatively new. However, Nintendo is facing competition from all sides: Its Wii U has not performed well at all, and its 3DS, while being commercially succesful, is still warring with the burgeoning smartphone market which has infringed upon a lot of territory once held by portable consoles.

Nintendo initially vowed to stay away from smartphones, but slowly it is dipping its feet into smartphones. It recently partnered with a developer to make simple games for Android. These games would be engaging enough to be fun while being simple enough to not be a threat to their hardware business.

Now, Nintendo seems to be making a controller for smartphones. Geek reports that Shinya Takahashi, a director at Nintendo, said that Nintendo may be interested in a hardware peripheral for smartphones if it improves the experience significantly.

If Nintendo does decide to make controllers, then it would be interesting to see whether it can be successful in a market where most have not,

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