Nintendo announces a new smaller NES (Yes, really)

That headline may make you think you have somehow traveled back to 1983, when Nintendo launched the iconic Nintendo Entertainment System. This was the console that made Nintendo the undisputable king of the console market, and was the console that brought the industry back from the Great Videogame crash of 1983.

Now, Nintendo wants you to relive your memories of hopping over enemies in Mario or going on exotic quests in Final Fantasy with its new console, which looks like a smaller NES. It is called the NES Classic Edition, and it comes preloaded with 30 games, the games which are the face of the NES. These are the games that kids huddled around to play in those days, the games that everyone talked about.

The NES was home to a large library of games, where it introduced several characters that are now staples of Nintendo’s roster. It was also the console on which many new types of games were introduced.

However, you would only be able to play 30 games out of this huge library of games, as there is no way to add more games to the NES. You get the 30 games and that’s the end of it. But that’s not so bad, since these 30 games are the most popular ones on the NES, and are the ones you remember when you think of the NES.

Many play old games on emulators, and while you can play any game on an emulator, there’s something truly unique about having an actual console plugged up to your TV, playing the classics that shaped the gaming industry.

We don’t know much about the underlying hardware, other than the fact that it is a standalone console that is not expandable in any way. It cannot connect to the Internet, and had a HDMI port to connect to your TV.

It will launch on November 11, costing $60, which is actually pretty reasonable. You are getting 30 games of one of the most iconic consoles for the price of one new game, which is pretty incredible.

What do you think?


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