Like clockwork, iPhone 7 images leak: Bigger camera bumps and fewer antenna lines

iPhone 7

An iPhone launch is just not an iPhone launch without months or perhaps even years of rumors preceding it. Every iPhone has its own fair share of rumors, and it all happens in a surprisingly regular cycle.

Just as the new iPhones launch, rumors already start flowing in about the next iPhone, and over the next few months these rumors build up. Then we have leaked images, and the rumors get clearer and more accurate, and by the launch event, there’s nothing left to be surprised or even excited about.

Now, the iPhone 7 images have leaked. As you can see, the antenna lines on the back of the iPhone 6 have been moved to the edges, so you can hardly see them. The back is now one uninterrupted slab of metal, except for the camera. Speaking of the camera, it is now bigger, with a bigger camera  bump to boot.

That’s all we can gather from this picture, which may as well be Photoshopped, as many leaked images happen to be. But this image does incorporate the rumors that have  been floating around, so the next iPhone may actually end up looking like this.

What do you think?


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