Pokemon Go craze makes Nintendo $7.5 billion more valuable

When you look at market trends, it has been proven time and time again that brands recognized and adored by consumers inspire higher brand loyalty and products attached to these brands are often more successful than the same products attached to less recognizable brands.

There’s no better example for this than Nintendo’s Pokemon Go, an augmented-reality game developed by Niantic based on Ingress, a game also made  by Niantic. Although Ingress came out years ago, and is quite similar to Pokemon Go, it isn’t even close when it comes to recognizability and success.

Pokemon Go has been downloaded by millions, with retention rates off the charts and chances are, the next person you encounter may be playing Pokemon Go.

This success can be attributed to the Pokemon brand and the motivation to catch all the Pokemon out there. This craze began with trading cards, pushed forward with games and a TV Show and now, we are back to games again.

Pokemon Go is perhaps the closest one can get to the Pokemon concept itself, as you actually walk around your city to find Pokemons in the wild and catching them, as opposed to moving around in a virtual world.

Its success has added over 7.5 billion dollars to Nintendo’s market value, as Nintendo’s shares went through their biggest spike since 1983.

In the days that followed, the share prices have gone down a little bit, but the success of Pokemon Go just goes to show how valuable Nintendo’s roster of characters are.

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