Report: Nintendo’s upcoming NX is going to be a portable console that plugs into your TV


It is hard to believe that Nintendo was one of the linchpins of the videogame industy, given that its Wii U has been struggling to trade punches with Sony and Microsoft’s consoles. Its only successful console on the market is the 3DS, which has been showing signs of age.

Nintendo desperately needs a new console to strengthen the Nintendo brand and increase sales. Nintendo’s current console, the Wii U has a roster of excellent first party titles, but has absolutely abysmal third-party support. Nintendo has failed to woo third-party developers, which resulted in the Wii U not being as successful as its predecessors.


Now, Eurogamer reports on Nintendo’s upcoming NX, claiming that the NX would be a portable console that can plug into a TV dock. This also confirms previous rumors that the NX would be some sort of a cross between a home console and a portable console.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. It is said that the console would resemble the form factor of a tablet with traditional console controls, a la Razer’s Project FIona.

The controler pieces would be detachable. The NX reportedly has a Tegra as its heart, and that it would accept gaming cartridges. Tegra is an ARM based SoC, and that means that NX has a more traditional architecture than the Wii U, which relied on the obscure PowerPC architecture.

It also gives some base to the rumors that the NX would be running some variant of Android. However, given the gaming industry’s love for proprietary systems, we just don’t see Android as the operating system that will power the NX.

Given that it is to be released in March 2017, an announcement from Nintendo may be just around the corner.

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