Samsung’s massive 16TB SSD costs $10,000

Last year, Samsung unveiled a massive SSD that went where no SSD has ever gone before: North of the 10TB barrier. Heck, while most HDDs in use today are around a TB in capacity, most of us use SSDs that are quite small, around 250-500 GB.

The only reason we put up with the small capacity of these SSDs is because of their lightning fast read-write speeds, and with Samsung’s 16TB SSD, we no longer had that bottleneck. In fact, it was bigger than any desktop harddrive, and that’s quite impressive.

But we knew right from the beginning that Samsung’s SSD was going to be expensive, and yet we were excited about it, because it meant that one day the costs would spiral down and a SSD whose capacity is measured in terabytes would finally  be affordable.

And Samsung has begun preorders for this 16TB SSD, and it has lived up to our expectations of the price: It costs $10,000, and while that’s steep, that’s the price you pay for lightning fast read-write speeds and a capacity measured in terabytes.

What do you think?


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