Report: The new Macbook Pro is going to have a fingerprint sensor on its power button

Apple is pretty much the only company that can get away with selling old hardware. And by old hardware, we really mean old hardware. Not one year, not two years, but some Macbooks have hardware that is nearly four years old, which is a lifetime in the technology industry.

As we come closer to the fall, we come closer to Apple’s hardware events. Apple usually segregates hardware and software, and its software has already been given the rundown at WWDC. It is in the fall that Apple announces its new hardware, and the industry is already rife with rumors about the next Macbook.

9ro5Mac reports that the next Macbook is going to have a fingerprint sensor built right into the power button. It does not go beyond that, and does not go into the details of how it would be implemented. Our take is that it could be done in two ways:

(a) Pressing the power button to turn on the Macbook would result in you being logged in. This would entail the fingerprints being stored in the hardware itself, and a lightweight program to recognize and match the fingerprints being run on startup (before the operating system loads)

(b) The second approach is mostly similar to the first approach, except for the fact that if the fingerprint is not recognized, the computer won’t turn on at all. This is a bit far-fetched, and is unlikely, because while fingerprint sensors have gotten a lot better, you wouldn’t want to be inconvenienced because your hands are dirty or wet, would you?

Anyways, we would have to wait a few more weeks till Apple gets around to revealing more about its next Macbook.

What do you think?


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