The 3DS and other Pokemon games are more popular due to Pokemon Go

A few weeks ago, Nintendo’s stock shot up after the success of Pokemon Go, and then plummeted after investors realized that Nintendo only owns part of the Pokemon Company, and the revenue from Pokemon Go is not going to affect its bottom line.

It seems the game really did help Nintendo in the end, because June has proved to be a great month for 3DS consoles. There has been a spike in the sales of Pokemon games, such as the relatively new Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, and even the much older Pokemon X&Y.  Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire sales had increased by 80% compared to last year, and that of Pokemon X&Y rose by 200%. Both of these spikes happened after Pokemon Go was released, and that suggests that the increased interest around Pokemon Go triggered this spike.

The data has been obtained from NPD Data that tracks game sales in the US, and Nintendo itself has attributed the spike to the popularity of Pokemon Go.

This is certainly good news for Nintendo, and it is proof that its franchises can draw a large audience and make a difference to Nintendo’s bottom line. Nintendo is close to announcing its next console, the NX, and after dismal sales of the Wii U, and its handheld the 3DS showing its age, Nintendo needs a new console to reinvigorate sales. It can use its well-known franchises to create games tailored for the mobile market. This means games that are engaging and fun without stepping on the turf of Nintendo’s console or handheld businesses.

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