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The final Halo 3 Easter Egg has finally been found, after Seven Years

The studio behind Halo, Bungie had once taunted us, revealing that one final easter egg was still left in Halo 3, untouched and undiscovered. Many had tried to uncover the last piece of the puzzle, but none succeeded. Till now, that is.

Seven years after the release of Halo 3, YouTuber “Lord Zedd” has finally uncovered the last Easter Egg. Continue reading The final Halo 3 Easter Egg has finally been found, after Seven Years


Microsoft at E3 2014

It is that time of the year again, the sacred part of the year which is known as “E3”. Gamers eagerly circle the dates of this prestigous Expo, often called “Gaming Nirvana”. Weeks before E3, Gamers are unable to sleep, bursting with excitement about what this year’s E3 will bring.

Although E3 will officially start from tomorrow, today we kickstart pre-E3 with a couple of press conferences.

P.S This is a Developing Story, so keep Refreshing, there may be new details. Also, pictures coming later.

Microsoft has geared up for it’s E3 Conference and let us see what Microsoft has in store for us. A Stark Opposite of what happened in the previous “Console Wars”, Microsoft’s Xbox One is lagging behind the PS4 due to a combination of controversies and poor PR.

Let us see if Microsoft can turn it all around.

First off, the first announcement is a Casual Game that you all are pretty familiar about: Threes. It is coming to the Xbox One. On your big-ass high-definition TV. Yeah.

Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare is coming, with all new next-gen spruced up graphics. We mean spruced up, as visuals of the next COD Game are absolutely stunning. Seriously. You may want to just take a minute to look at it before you start running around shooting. It will be available from November 4th, 2014.

It looks like Developers are finally getting the hand of developing for next-gen consoles. But this isn’t the peak, you have to wait another year or two for that. At the end of the console’s lifetime only do we see games that take full advantage of it’s power for some truly stunning visuals and physics.

Enough COD talk, let us move on to Forza, which is an Xbox One Exclusive. Forza has got almost-realistic visuals along with something called “Dynamic Weather”. Basically, stuff like Rain, Sunshine, etc will look just like real-life, not like something generated by a game. It will be up for grabs from September 3, 2014.

Next up, a franchise you know and love, Assassin’s Creed. The next game in the franchise, Assassin’s Creed Unity will be set during the French Revolution and it will, you guessed it, will feature next-gen graphics. The Gameplay has been updated with all new four-player co-op , a first for the franchise.

Dragon Age Inquisition, a game with a high-fantasy storyline is coming first on the Xbox One.

Sunset Overdrive is a shooting game with a twist. It looks casual and cartoonish, as opposed to the usual blood and gory shooting game you see out there.

The third exclusive for the Xbox One is Dance Central: Spotlight.  It is digital only and features new songs for you to dance to. It seems that new songs will be available everytime you dance (Not yet confirmed).

Next up, Fabled Legends, whch features an interesting concept: You play the villain.

The heroes enter an old and overgrown ruin in order to recover an ancient artifact.” goes the storyline, and like a traditional games, these Heroes face monsters to fight in that ruin. But you won’t be playing there Hero, instead you will be playing the villain, manipulating that ruins so that the Heroes don’t make it.

And now for the part you have been waiting for, the franchise that defines Xbox: Halo

First off, all Halo Games have been digitally remastered for the Xbox One and packed together in one disk (How?) and called the Halo – The Master Chief Collection . Also, there is a neat feature called “custom playlist”, enabling you to play parts of different games, together.

There’s a Toggle between “Normal” and “Remastered”. Original Halo 2 Multiplayer Maps are included. Additionally, the over 100 Multiplayer Maps from Halo 1-4 will be included too.

For hardcore Halo fans, there is now a TV Series, telling the story leading upto the next Halo Game, Halo- Guardians called, Halo Nightfall. Guardians  will be coming later this year as a beta.

Now for the rest.

A game called Inside, with not much sophiscated graphics and having an overall dark theme.

There is also the sequel to the reboot of Tomb Raider. It’s called “Rise of Tomb Raider”. Not much details are known about it yet.

Next is The Witcher III: Wild Hunt. It is set in a forest based environments and has quite a bit of blood and gore. It looks great, too.

A reboot/sequel to Phantom Dust is coming.

P.S This is a Developing Story, so keep Refreshing, there may be new details. Also, pictures coming later.

Tom Clancy’s The Division too is inn the lineup. It is about New Yotk being ravaged by a Virus. Like the way these stories go, government agencies step in and have to save the day.

Save for a few,  that’s all folks,  we have reached the end of Xbox One’s E3 Conference. We saw a greater focus on games,  rather than multimedia,  contrary to last year’s E3, telling us that Microsoft is willing to learn from its mistakes.

We have left out a few games and details,  but fear not,  they will appear in later articles.