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Microsoft finally starts shipping the Surface Hub

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Microsoft’s Surface Hub is an extremely niche device. It is meant to be in offices, and even there it would be used occasionally, when presentations are being shown and ideas are being brainstormed. Continue reading Microsoft finally starts shipping the Surface Hub

Microsoft reveals more details about the Surface Hub: An 84 Inch $20000 behemoth


Software companies are evolving into enterprise solutions. The first phase was to attract consumers and persuade them into using their services. The second phase is to evolve these applications to a standard that is acceptable for enterprises.

It seems we consumers were the patsies all along, since the real motive for these companies has been to get into corporations. After years of developing a monopoly around Windows and Office, Microsoft recently announced that it is transitioning them into the corporate age.

Office was already a stable of most companies, but the most unusual thing Microsoft announced was the Surface Hub: A large, wall mounted Monitor with a built in PC.

You can show presentations, and even use it as a whiteboard, and Microsoft promises this can replace everything else in a traditional conference room.

Video Calls, Conferences and more can be achieved with ease with the Surface Hub. Heck, it even has a couple of motion sensors and Cameras to get an idea of where you are for making you sound better. We may see this sensory data being more useful in the future.

It is compatible with Windows Phone, iOS and Android for file-sharing, conferencing and more.

Now, Microsoft has announced more details about it. Firstly, it will come in two models, one being 55 inch and the other being an 84 inch model.

The first will cost around $7000, while the latter would cost $20,000. If those numbers seem a bit on the high side, well, think of the costs it will alleviate.

It will start shipping in July.

What do you think? Do you think the Surface Hub is justifiable?