Google is working on Fuchsia: The universal operating system

There used to be a time when we had gadgets for just about every little task. We had music players, PDAs, Slideshow displays and much, much more, but as the years went on, the number started coming down, and these devices started converging.

Now we have the smartphone, which can do most of the stuff that needed a separate gadget for it back inn the day.

But now, although we have taken care of hardware fragmentation, software fragmentation is becoming a bigger problem.

There are so many operating systems out there that it id difficult to even count them. . We have multiple operating systems for the same devices, and sometimes from he same company. For instance, Google makes and maintains both ChromeOS and Android.

Only now is the industry converging. Microsoft tried with its Windows 8 operating system, which embodied Microsoft’s vision of a universal platform. Windows 10 carried the beacon forward, and killed off Windows Phone, and made Windows 10 the universal platform.

Now, as Android Police reports, Google is developing a new operating system that could one day be the future of Android and ChromeOS.

The OS is called Fuchsia, and it is compatible with x86, x64 and ARM architectures, so pretty  much all major ones. A Raspberry Pi version is also reportedly in the works.

Android and ChromeOS are based on the Linux kernel, which is a bit too resource hungry for embedded systems. Fuchsia is being written in Dart (Google’s programming Language), and everything is being written in house.

It is said that this is just an experiment, but if it proves to work,  Google may look into it and build a proper platform around Fuchsia.

What do you think?


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