Playstation Now is coming to PC

Competition is an essential part of every market, because without competition large companies dominating the market can sell inferior products and swindle customers out of their money.

Competitors are necessary to keep an eye on the big guys, and to be an alternative for people who want choice. And in today’s console industry, Sony undoubtedly has the lead when it comes to sales, but Microsoft has not made it easy for the Playstation 4. Not only did Microsoft drop backwards compatibility, it undercut the PS4’s pricing and has released many critically acclaimed Xbox One games. Not only that, but it has worked swiftly to add new features to the Xbox One and its software has evolved quite a bit.

In fact, since Microsoft cannot reverse the tide of this generation, it has already prepped up for the next generation with the Scorpio, which according to rumors is more powerful than the Neo. For the current generation, Microsoft has focused on interoperability, and has made Xbox games streamable to PCs (If you have an Xbox One connected to the same network as your PC). Plus, from here on forth, Microsoft will focus on releasing exclusives on both the Xbox One and the PC, rather than keeping it locked down to the Xbox One.

But now, Sony is not keeping quiet and has announced its answer to Microsoft embracing the PC: It is bringing Playstation Now to the PC, and that means that you would be able to play PS3 games (exclusives included) on your PC. This is a big deal, because while Microsoft owns Windows and Xbox, and so having cross platform exclusives is still beneficial for it, Sony is playing in another court. Sony’s Playstation exclusives are the ones that define the Playstation brand, and the idea of playing Playstation exclusives on Microsoft owned operating systems is a wild one.

To be clear, Playstation Now is a subscription service that streams games to your devices, so obviously you need a high-speed, low-latency internet for it to be of any use.

There are already many big hitters in the Playstation Now roster, including the Last of Us, God of War and Uncharted, three juggernaut exclusives in their own right.

It would surely be interesting to see the path that the console market follows. One thing is for sure, PC gamers are benefiting from all this competition, and in an odd turn of events, the PC will be the turf on which the next console wars will be fought.

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