MIT’s new smart Tattoo can control your smartphone


MIT, collaborating with Microsoft Research has created a new smart tattoo out of gold leaf (a conductor) that can control your smartphone, interact using NFC and can also be used as a touchpad.

The tattoo is just the first brick in what could be an entire platform on your hands. Not only were the researchers able to do the above three things, they were also able to integrate LED lights into the setup.

Designing the circuit wasn’t the hardest part, the hardest part was printing it in gold leaf and making it interact with a phone, as per MIT’s website.

The whole biohacking industry is based around making technology a part of us, and using technology to let us transcend our physical limits and augment our abilities.

But most of these efforts involved getting things into your body, and not only is that inconvenient, it is also unsafe. But MIT and Microsoft’s solution is great in that it is non-invasive, and is limited to the skin.

More details are to be unveiled at an event next week. What do you think?



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