Google is (mostly) ending support for Chrome apps

death of google chrome apps

The Internet of today could not be farther from its humble beginnings. In the beginning, it was all just text on a console, and then low quality images started popping up. As our speeds started picking up, and web technologies evolved, we started seeing more advanced webpages with better designs and higher resolution pictures.

That was a time when standardized languages for the web were just around the corner and websites had really basic designs. Then HTML and CSS evolved over the years, and the backends of these websites also got better over the years.

Then the Internet went from a place of pictures and text to a place which could host multimedia, i.e audio and video, and that was a real game-changer.

There was a time when we were actually excited about web browsers, and the new features they introduced with every update. Now web browsers have matured to the point where they are boring. The web too no longer has any scope for major new features.

This is why Google is ending support for Chrome apps for all platforms except ChromeOS. These Chrome apps were designed for an era where the web wasn’t as advanced as it is now. When sprawling web apps were merely a tinkle in our eyes. When web apps could not interface with the hardware, could not work offlien and couldn’t send notifications to devices. The web of today can do all that and more, which is why Google has decreed that Chrome apps are no longer useful.

Most users won’t even care, because less than 1% actually used these apps, and most of these apps are available as web apps anyways.

The dismantling of the Chrome apps ecosystem will happen in phases. First the release of new apps will be stopped later this year. Existing apps will still be viewable and downloadable. Then in 2017, these apps would no longer be visible in the Chrome store. Finally, in 2018, Google will hit the final nail in their coffin by pulling the plug completely. By the time 2018 comes around, you won’t be able to install new apps, view apps or even use the apps you have alread installed.

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