HTC announces a Pipe that is also an Action Camera

They say our Smartphones take us away from the moment. We while our lives away tapping on these panes of glass, and instead of enjoying the moment, we instead think of taking Photographs, reviewing them, etc,

HTC wants to fix this with the HTC Re, which has just as odd a form factor as its Name. It is a Pipe-Shaped Device with only 2 Buttons. Oh, and there is no Display. This is a turn-on-and-forget-it kind of Device, as there is no Display, you don’t have to pull away from your Precious Moments to satiate that urge to check out the Footage. Akin to the time before DIgitial, when you actually had to wait for the Film to be processed.

HTC has bestowed this Camera (Pipe?) with a very Wide Angle Lens (146 Degrees). It is Water Resistant (Not proof), but the cool thing is that it turns on as you touch its Surface. No buttons. Its Body is like one big sensor.

If you want to review your Pictures and Videos, and also change some settings, you would have to fire up the Companion App (iOS/Android). HTC also plans to offer Livestreaming Support in the Future.

It will cost $199, and will be available through select Retailers soon. While the idea of the Re is interesting, and it is important to break away from Smartphones and enjoy the moment, is it important enough to warrant spending $199?



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