CUPID: A drone with a 80,000 volt taser

CUPID (Chaotic Unmanned Personal Intercept Drone ) is a drone with 80,000 volt taser. It was demoed recently in Austin by Chaotic Moon( It’s creator), demonstrating it’s electrifying (get it?) capabilities.

To demonstrate it’s capabilities, the Texas company zapped a very unlucky employee with it. He lived, but will probably be stunned forever (Get it?)

It basically warns an intruder to stop wherever they are and turn back. If they go back, all is well and good. But if they stay, not heeding the order, CUPID zaps them with 80,000 volts of energy. Again and Again.

Police tasers max out at 50,000 volts(Get an idea of the scale?) And yeah, we might just go ahead and say it, the intruder will definitely leave, unless he/she is an electricity resistant supervillain.

But what if you just moved into the neighborhood and the friendly neighbor comes to introduce? Would CUPID zap them into oblivion? CUPID for this possibility, sends the owner a picture of the could-be intruder. If the owner decides to allow them, CUPID will go back to it’s nest, but if not….You probably know what will happen.

This might very well be the future of home security: Some burglar appears, CUPID comes out and warns them. The burglar doesn’t pay heed, so CUPID stuns him (Pun intended) into leaving.

Meet CUPID: The Drone That Will Shoot You With an 80,000 Volt Taser

It is a six bladed Tarot equipped with a GoPro camera . It runs on two 6400 mAh batteries.

And CUPID is developing it further, with the next milestone to be the EMP drone. It will basically disable other drones near it using an electromagnetic pulse. It would have a Faraday cage, so as to not be killed by it’s own weapon. That feature might come in useful when the skies are drone filled and one is following you around everywhere (Spying).

You can also outfit it with pepper sprays and you may also control it using virtual reality goggles.

CUPID gives us a glimpse into the future of drones and the future in general. The future looks awesome….and also scary.

What will happen if this comes to the bad guys?  They will have even more control over their lairs.  What if this gains face recognition and zaps someone just cause they look a bit like the one on your intruder blacklist?


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