Ray Cox: The LEGENDARY person who is the first to get 1 million Xbox Live points

Ray Cox has championed Xbox Live and will be burned into our minds as the legend who got 1 million Xbox Live points. He got his 1 milllionth point while playing Titanfall on his Xbox One.

1 million, ladies and gentlemen, 1 million. We will give you a second to let that settle in. Now THAT is dedication. Who knows how many sleepless nights were spent to achieve that incredible number?

It took him 8 years, but he has done it. He goes by the name “Stallion83” on Xbox Live. He is the owner of many Guiness records, all for the highest number of Xbox Live points 500,000 points, 700,000 points and then finally 1 million.

Microsoft hasn’t ignored his achievements. They gifted him with a lifetime Xbox Live Gold membership so that he goes on and on.

Want to relive the moment he reaches the milestone? No problem, he was live streaming the game on Twitch, so you can check it out here

Ray Cox won’t stay still while others creep up and steal his thunder. He will continue playing and each time, will rise the score just that little notch higher.


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