At WWDC, Apple announces the feature we have been clamoring for: iPad Multitasking

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When Apple announced the iPad in 2010, it divided people into two groups: Those who appreciated the iPad’s industrial design,and were in awe of how much power was packed in the slate, and on the otherside were the naysayers.

They said that the iPad doesn’t have proper ports, and runs iOS, which is considered to be a Smartphone Ecosystem. It doesn’t have the ability to display multiple windows on the screen for god’s sake.

And of course, it didn’t run Flash. Fiver years later, where are we? The naysayers  have disappeared even as Apple cleared the very first batch very quickly. Flash is being phased out, and even its creator isn’t enthusiastic about it.

We have forgotten about the lack of ports, but one thing we haven’t forgotten is split-screen multitasking. We have been asking for this ever since the iPad launched, and now, Apple is finally adding this feature to iOS.

The basics are like this: You get to run Apps in a 50/50 or a 70/30  split mode, depending upon your needs. A swipe from the side will bring an app switcher reminiscent of the one in Windows 8.

Then, you can go full-screen or you can pin the apps side by side. You also have the option of picture in picture viewing, meaning the video you are watching can become a popup that follows you everywhere, except when you close it.

This feature is only available on the iPad Air 2 however, and it is probably for the best, since the Air 2 has more RAM than previous models.

Apple has  also improved upon the Keyboard, bringing in some shortcuts and functions to the top of the keyboard. A two-finger swipe would enable Touchpad Mode, where it becomes easier to select and do other such things.

It is really great to see some iPad-focus at the iOS 9 Event. We finally can fully utilize the large screen and it is even more useful for productivity.

iOS 9 is coming in July as a Preview, and later in the fall as the full consumer edition. All devices supporting iOS 8 support iOS 9.

What do you think? Has Apple managed to make the iPad even more useful?


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