Viral Video : GoPro camera falls down from sky into pigpen WHILE RECORDING!

The latest video doing the rounds on Youtube is that of a GoPro camera falling through the sky and landing into a pigpen WHILE recording. Continue reading Viral Video : GoPro camera falls down from sky into pigpen WHILE RECORDING!

Why you should and why you shouldn’t invest in first gen/ first revision products

Many products have been launched or going to be launched in 2014. Quite a few of these products are in the first generation. People who buy them are often known as early adopters. Some of these products are : Google Glass , PS4, Xbox One, Neptune Pine

There are both advantages and disadvantages to being a first gen adopter.

First, the advantages:

You get the bragging rights of owning something before anyone else.

Many companies give out free or limited edition goodies to early adopters as they are the pivotal point that decide whether their product will be successful or not

Usually, being an early adopter gives you a deeper attraction to technology.

Now for the disadvantages:

1. Early first gen devices may have both hardware and software bugs or even manufacturing issues like in the case of the PS4 where many customers reported dead units. These bugs are ironed out in the next release in the product’s life cycle.

2. Usually 2nd or 3rd gen devices are usually cheaper than their first gen counterparts. This leads to a feeling of regret and also a waste of money .

3. There is no way of knowing whether a new product will be successful or not. If the product line is dropped soon after it’s release, early adopters may witness Buyer’s remorse.