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The week has ended. Missed our posts? No problem, just read these ones. They are the most popular posts of the week, in chronological order.

Console Faceoff : Xbox One vs PS4

In this post, we pit the highly anticipated consoles : The Xbox One and the PS4 against each other. It was the most popular post and is a must read.

Everything you NEED to know about the Xbox One

In this we cram everything you may possibly need to know about the highly awaited console : The Xbox One

Nexus 7 with Cyanogenmod 11 review

In this post, we do a traditional Nexus 7 review, with one exception : The Nexus 7 is rooted and flashed with a fresh copy of one of Cyanogenmod’s nightly .


Xbox One February system update released after delays.

Posed to release on February 11, the Xbox One update was delayed and then finally released ( after bug fixes) .

Although it doesn’t bring much to improve the gaming experience, it has got quite a few additions. Continue reading Xbox One February system update released after delays.

Galaxy S5 rumour roundup

Samsung has sent out invitations for the ‘Unpacked 5’ event on 24th February. The event is scheduled on the first day of MWC (Mobile World Congress) and will most likely feature the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S5, sucessor to the company’s flagship : The Galaxy S4 . With the date  for the ‘Unpacked 5’ event coming closer, it is time to roundup all the rumours. Continue reading Galaxy S5 rumour roundup

What is 3D printing?

Printing on paper ? God, that is so 2012. Get modern, dude! OK, maybe 3D printing isn’t THAT popular, it has become a phenomenon. While the concept of 3D printing existed for quite sometime, it was only during the second half of 2013 that prices started coming down. In this article we explore the concept of 3D printing. Continue reading What is 3D printing?

Milestone : 200 views

Thank you again readers! My blog is growing and so  is my reader base. I have reached 200 views much faster than when I reached my first 100 views. Today , I will introduce a Geek Section, in which there will be geeky articles . Whether you are a geek or not please check it out. I will soon be putting out weekly podcasts too!

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